CoinFly - An Awesome
Real Cash Game.

Ever thought of earning money by playing games online? There’s no age limit for playing games. If you really want to try something new then you are at right place! Just click on below button and enjoy the game.

Play & Win

CoinFly is a simple coin game. It's easy to play. Don’t just play but win real cash for playing CoinFly. Sounds fun, right? With CoinFly, you can play with your friends by inviting them to our coinfly game and win real cash.

How To Play

  • Create an account
  • Send coinfly request to your friend
  • Your friend will accept your coinfly request and fly a coin
  • Winner will get a cash as per your coinfly amount

Our App Feature

CoinFly is an all in one game! Make new friends, play new game
and win real cash.

Friendship Goal

Make new friends while playing real cash game is awesome and we know it. Make new friends and globle chat feature included.

Play and Win

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find. Send coinfly request to your friend play a game and win real cash.

Withdraw Cash

Play unlimited, Win unlimited and Withdraw a real cash in your paytm wallet account.

APP Screenshots

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CoinFly game is currently available for android platform only. We are continuously working hard for develop and launch CoinFly for other platform.

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